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"Raasa" - Magenta Pink Handpainted Pattachitra Silk Saree

"Raasa" - Magenta Pink Handpainted Pattachitra Silk Saree

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Raasa - Hand-painted Pattachitra  in Munga Tussar Silk

The term, raasa meaning "aesthetics" and lila meaning "act," "play" or "dance" is a concept from Hinduism, which roughly translates to "play (lila) of aesthetics (rasa)," or more broadly as "Dance of Divine Love". The rasa lila takes place one night when the Gopis of Vrindavan, upon hearing the sound of Krishna's flute, sneak away from their households and families to the forest to dance with Krishna throughout the night, which Krishna supernaturally stretches to the length of one Night of Brahma, a Hindu unit of time lasting approximately 4.32 billion years. In the Krishna Bhakti traditions, the rasa-lila is considered to be one of the highest and most esoteric of Krishna's pastimes. In these traditions, romantic love between human beings in the material world is seen as merely a diminished, illusionary reflection of the soul’s original, ecstatic spiritual love for Krishna, God, in the spiritual world.


Color - Magenta Pink

Material - Munga Tussar

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