The beauty of you is how you wear who you are.

We create artisanal + unique jewelry rooted in tradition but in contemporary and modern designs. Each and every piece of Risham celebrates culture and individuality. Colorful yet elegant & bold, lightweight & versatile our jewelry are modern keepsakes that will last you a lifetime.

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  • Handmade

    Made in India

  • Rooted in Tradition

  • Empowering Women

  • Customer Centric

  • Durable & Long lasting

  • Repairable

Our Handmade Journey

The art of Bead Weaving

Is this just plain regular Beadwork?

Is this jewelry made by just stringing different coloured beads?

The answer to both is a No. What is it then?

The art of bead weaving - which quite literally means weaving with beads using a needle & thread and even on a bead loom, picking up one bead at a time so that a pattern emerges which makes your piece of jewelry beautiful & unique.

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Are you a maker yourself and love to learn new things? Then join us for our bead-weaving workshops to learn this unique craft yourself. We conduct workshops periodically. Contact us below to know more.

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