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Beautiful! Creativity and craftsmanship come together in this beautiful necklace. I loved to see the intricate kantha design on the necklace. Graceful, light and for all occasions. Thank you Risham for brightening both my casual and formal wear with such a versatile design. Love the colours, the feel and ofcourse handcrafted design.


I have many pieces from Risham Jewelry and all are wonderful. Srutiza is so helpful and willing to make any changes to custom designs. I have had great experience buying and wearing the jewelry and my gift to my nieces were very well received. Thanks Srutiza for the wonderful designs you make. They are really unique.


 Srutiza is a warm and lovely person, who genuinely tries her best to work for her clients. Her designs are authentic and workmanship is pristine! Moreover, I find her jewellery extremely versatile, which can be worn with any kind of ensemble, and they give you the flexibility of whether you want to dress up or dress down. Its been a few years I have been getting different prices made from her, she has never disappointed.

Ruhani Bhatia

Every piece is exquisite in its detail. Srutiza, the person who makes them, is professional and a no-nonsense gal. Relief to be dealing with a straight-forward person.


 I met the gorgeous Srutiza this afternoon. I have been following her on social media for a while now but to see her collection in real life was something else. She has a collection that is a visual treat. I wish I could carry off pieces as elegantly as she did. I have a weakness for earrings and I had to get it when I laid my eyes on it. There is so much effort and creativity that’s gone into making this and I’m so happy to be flaunting my earrings where I know the gorgeous artist who’s made it. Thanks Srutiza.💕


"I had ordered the black, gold and red collar necklace for my mom and to say that she likes it is a bit of an understatement. A few small requests I had were all taken into consideration leaving no room for any complaints. The hardwork definitely shows through the beautiful designs that would make anyone spoilt for choice. Exquisite products, on-time delivery, hassle free customisation; couldn't have asked for more. Thank you so much!!"


 It was an awsome experience to learn bead weaving techniques from Srutiza. She is very calm and composed and explains things in a simple way. She is meticulous and has eyes to detect even the smallest mistakes that I made during the learning session. She is a great artist and a wonderful teacher too. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.


UNIQUE & STUNNING Yassss! I’m the happy & proud owner of this beaut from Risham. The intricately & painstakingly woven beads in the form Of an arrowhead and the cooling colour blue just tugged me In right away! Super thrilled that Risham Jewelry made a matching wrist cuff to go with this! The compliments keep pouring in every time! Keep up the great work! Happy creating.... xx Chitra


ELEGANT AND BEAUTIFUL Loved this piece at first sight. Did my professional photoshoot with it, its the right kind to not be tooo mild to not add to your beauty and not being too heavy to take away your magic. And, of course the hard work shows.
-on the "Handcrafted Black & Red Asymmetrical 3 panel Necklace"

  • Beautiful | Light-weight

  • Weaving happiness one bead at a time
  • Bead-Weaving Workshops

  • An effort to revive the ancient art of bead-weaving

Beautiful | Light-weight

Weaving happiness one bead at a time Shop Featured

Bead-Weaving Workshops

An effort to revive the ancient art of bead-weaving Learn more