Collection: Elementary


In the beginning, there was time and space. Two entities that spanned an unending eternity. Then, The elements fused and spawned the magic of creation. As the laws of nature took over and beautiful worlds came into being, flora and fauna formed to adorn these elementary terrains. We just have to glance around us to truly appreciate the miracle of Genesis that abounds in the spaces we inhabit.

This collection of jewelry is representative of that genesis-the spontaneous process of elementary fusion, the birth of beauty and wisdom. It’s representative of the modern woman, whose myriad facets bear her strengths and her flaws with unapologetic grace.

The use of natural materials, like wood, in this collection is our homage to that genesis. Wood connects us to our roots, it mingles us with the earth, it reminds of sustainability and environmental consciousness. The symphonic mingling of wood and beads in these handcrafted jewellery is exactly what the self-assured, confident woman needs to express herself. Jewelry that speaks her language.

If you are one, let pieces of art from this collection be your chosen accessory.