Our Story

Can a piece of jewelry reflect the original you?

We believe that Jewelry is an expression of our personality. Each piece has a story to tell and it comes from our soul. And when it is made using an art form which is thousands of years old, it becomes a piece of our heritage.

Risham is a handcrafted contemporary jewelry line that embraces empowerment through self-expression. The brand was born out of an abiding passion for reviving old art forms and making them relevant to modern times. True to our allegiance to the traditional crafts, we are deeply devoted to fine workmanship & quality - both in the products we make for our clients and also the quality of life we strive to provide for the women we train and employ. We believe, it is our responsibility to not just espouse the preservation of these crafts but also the upliftment of the craftswomen who work on them.

Each and every piece of Risham jewelry celebrates culture and individuality. The designs are elegant yet modern and bold. They are in styles that are an authentic expression of our clients’ personalities and aspirations. They are designed to not just add meaning, but also inspire the wearer to live life with the passion and confidence of a creative spirit. Classically timeless and durable, each Risham piece is a treasure that can be loved and cherished for an entire lifetime. 

A little about me...

Srutiza Mohanty 

I think I was born with a creative bone dabbling with all things artsy & crafty. But life had other plans and I graduated as a Software Engineer. Typical of many others in Bengaluru, I treaded the software route for over 16 years. A turn of events in my life inspired me to switch careers, turn entrepreneur and take my passion for jewelry design as a full time career. My foray into bead-weaving as a medium of jewelry making was accidental, but it is something that i am passionate about.
My love for color, motifs, nature also inspires me to create timeless pieces which bring out both the complexity and simplicity of a woman's personality, embracing all the multiple facets of a woman's life in its multitude of tiny woven beads. I design for modern and confident women, who know what they want and value art and culture. They prefer originality and quality and through this, my jewelry is able to create an emotional connection which is reflective of their personality. I  always believe your stories are yours to tell in what you wear and how you live.

My desire is to create something you will cherish, love and that will be a treasure for many lifetimes...


Srutiza Mohanty

Founder/Creative Director