A gift to make smile and stay connected with us.

A gift to make smile and stay connected with us.

The sense of smell, more than any other sense, has the power to recall memories. Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through our sense of smell  than any other of our senses. And we at Risham love to create memories - of joy, of love, fun and laughter. So we have collaborated with Embar, a skin care brand which we personally love and use. 

With every purchase of Risham Jewelry we are giving away a bottle of Pure Madurai Jasmine diffuser oil so you can create the perfect blend of serenity and calm, not just through sight but also through smell. Look and feel  your best with our intricately woven jewelry pieces and unwind with the  fragrance of Jasmine, which not only is stress relieving but also infuses joy and uplifts your mood.

Each piece of our handcrafted beaded jewelry is made with love and meticulously woven and we hope that it connects to you and brings out the best in you and helps you create life-long memories that you can cherish. 

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