8 Easy ways jewelry can up your casual outing.

Jewelry transcends seasons and are timeless. You can create endless combinations and style it the way you are comfortable with. Each and every piece has a story behind it- the vision of the creator and the emotions of the person wearing it. And this is especially true of handcrafted jewelry. It binds the creator and the wearer at a very emotional level. I love designing and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and though i am good at styling and creating different looks, i thought a different perspective from a professional stylist would be a great idea to create different looks and redefine conventional ways of wearing jewelry.

We spoke to Neha Mathur who is an image consultant & stylist and came up with various ways in which you can style your different pieces of jewelry.View our conversation on casual dressing in this series of videos here.

We plan to create more such videos, so stay tuned. Do let us know what you think or what you would like to see in the comments section. We appreciate your feedback.

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